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Cooking Healthy Entrees 

Cooking healthy entrees makes it easy to achieve your low carb diet or low fat diet objectives. Foods and recipes are many, but they are not necessarily all good for you. Designed by a man for men who wish to prepare healthy and tasty entrees solo or for family and friends. You'll find some great tastes in here!


Healthy Cooking Can Be Fun! 

Recipes for cooking healthy entrees abound on the net. This site provides information on the 'How-To'. Knowing how to cook makes the preparation of low carb or low fat food easy and fun! Getting prepared to cook is the most important step of all in creating those healthy entrees. Understanding cooking techniques and effective use of kitchen tools increase the possibility of success. Establishing a menu consisting of healthy foods, a variety of dishes and the appropriate sequence of their preparation is critical to creating recipes for healthy entrees. Such menus can be assembled from cookbooks, online menu services, magazines, etc. Experience tells us that having a menu to begin with not only saves time but can also save you money at your grocery store. The saying, "Failure to prepare is preparing for failure" is as true for cooking as for any other endeavor. Jump in here and and find out how much fun cooking can be!


Healthy food is dependent to a large extent on the techniques used to prepare it. Low fat foods can emerge from a simple recipe in which a few key ingredients are substituted by those containing less harmful fats and oils. Poaching of fish and poultry, for example, is an inherently healthier approach than frying. This site provides the information you need to make those healthier substitutions, use appropriate cooking techniques and create delicious and nutritious foods.


Of course we CAN cook! True, we probably didn’t have the guidance and training in the art of cooking that most girls have during the formative years. So, we have to work at it a bit harder initially perhaps. That means starting with the basics. What are the relative benefits/risks of certain cooking techniques? How can the appropriate selection and use of kitchen tools make the job easier and, in fact fun? Proper selection, care, safety and use of our cutlery add to the potential for success in the kitchen. And, cooking IS FUN! Try it. You'll agree!


Please feel free to take your time and browse around. We have created a site rich with content so that you can learn more about us, and understand the products and services we offer.  Our recipes are totally FREE. You'll probably keep coming back to try new ones... When you do - email your latest creation to us! We would love to include it on our site. 

PRIVACY STATEMENT…  We will never, ever share any personal/customer information from this site without your permission. We hate SPAM, also. If you should ever feel that you've been the recipient of SPAM from anyone associated with this site, please alert us immediately so that we may take appropriate action.

NO MEDICAL ADVICE...  We love to cook, especially low carb, low fat and/or healthy meals. We are not medical authorities, and we’re not qualified to give medical or nutritional advice to anyone. The ideas stated in this site are our personal opinions. If you are seriously considering a diet, weight loss, or other health enhancements you are urged to consult with your doctor.

Garlicky Shrimp Bake... YUM!




  Last Update: 4/1/15